If I had to choose one artistic medium as my favourite, my choice would be paint. I always found it unnaturally satisfying that it’s possible to create whatever colour I want by mixing together two or three or 12 other colours. Recall being a tiny human and realizing that blue paint mixed with yellow paint made green paint and you felt like an Enchanted Pigment Sorcerer.

And then you could add a little red and some brown and some purple and all of a sudden you created a muddy mess of something that resembles baby barf but it was so MAGICAL!

I’m impatient and like to start and finish one painting/project before starting another, so I use acrylic paint.  It dries fast and allows me to layer and correct without having to wait.  I’ve dabbled in oil paints (as in literally one painting ever) and I loved the way I could blend everything so smoothly, but hot damn it takes a long time to dry and seriously, ain’t nobody got time fo’ that. I’ll try it again at some point but right now acrylics are inexpensive (great for those of us who are in the crimson red of student debt), easy to use, and versatile.

Here are two paintings I have done recently using acrylics and Sharpie markers on canvas:



I love bright colours and geometric shapes, especially triangles. They’re pointy, they’re harsh, and they’re bad, ass.

Both of these paintings are quite large but I had so much fun with them so I’m thinking about turning this concept into a mini series including some smaller pieces. In which case I’ll surely need to purchase a million more Sharpies which means a trip to Staples which is basically heaven on Earth. Squee!

Until then,

Drey a.k.a. Droob (explanation to follow next time)


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