My Halloween Costume: Maleficent Horns 101


SO. I’m being Maleficent for Halloween. Not the terrifying cartoon version, but the hauntingly lovely Angelina Jolie version because seriously, way better.  Those cheekbones?! WHAT.


Tonight, I started my costume by making Maleficent’s horns. Here’s how:

First, I gathered all of the toilet paper rolls I could find in the recycling bin and cut them into little circles:


Hot glue gun, toilet paper rolls (some with itty bits of toilet paper still attached, for good measure), scissors!

I started hot gluing the toilet paper roll rings together into a horn shape (while staring at the Maleficent poster to determine the shape), starting from the bottom and fitting each consecutive ring into the previous ring slightly to taper the shape.

Here’s the first horn:


This picture it all blue due to flash, and for SCARINESS!

Onto the next horn! Except I ran out of toilet paper rolls halfway through so I had to do this:


Roll removal- proceed with caution. Maybe punch something with your badass tissue mitten.

The hardest part of this whole thing was shaping the second horn to be a mirror image of the first horn.  But I think they turned out pretty decent:


Yay! Semi-symmetry!

Now for the fun part- ELECTRICAL TAPE!

I thought black electrical tape would be the best option because it’s stretchy and it looks leathery, like Angie’s horns. I started from the bottom (am I Drake?) and wrapped the entire horn with the tape, overlapping the layers for extra support:

IMG_20141020_223704 (1)

The fun part. Does anyone else love tape?

And voila! Here is the finished product:


BAM! A decent pair of horns. I left the bottoms exposed because I’ll need to cut them to fit the curve of my head when I attach them to the headpiece I have yet to make (stay tuned for that experiment). Not too shabby, eh?

The next chapters of this costume creation will be sewing the cape and neck piece, creating the headpiece/attaching the horns, and making the giant magical death staff that Maleficent carries around like a scary beautiful fairy of doom.

Updates will follow. I love Halloween!

Bye for now,



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