A Bloody Mess


While decorating for the Halloween party my roomies and I are hosting this weekend, I scoured Pinterest for all the best, simplest DIYs to make our place look a bit less cozy and a bit more Adams family/Dexter’s kill room.

My first project: bloody candles.  Super easy and looks pretty bloody sick! (You knew I had to use bloody as a British adjective at some point during this post. Getting it over with nice and early. You’re welcome.)

Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Gather white and red candles, some paper towel or wax paper to protect your working surface, and a lighter. In my case, this means a straight up massive BBQ lighter because I am physically incapable of lighting a regular BIC lighter due to corroded thumb skin and minor burns in the past. I’m a really cool non-smoker you guys.

Behold, the Jesus candles I found at Dollarama:


Step 2: (Carefully) light the red candle and let drip all over the top and sides of the white candle, like so.


Step 3: YOU ARE ALREADY DONE. Check it out!


Now, when I bought the Jesus candles, I didn’t even think about the fact that they were lodged permanently into a glass capsule. I just dripped the wax on the glass anyways and still achieved the desired effect, so whatever. IT’S FINE!

I also made a bloody shower curtain, but I’m afraid to put it up until the party because it will scare me every time I have to pee up until that point. I’ll document that beast once it goes up!

Come back later for a decor update 🙂



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