New Fave


Hey y’all! (Says the Alabama version of me. Hollaaaaaa Hart of Dixie, new fave show!)

I’ve been listening to this song over and over for DAYS and I wanted to share it with you because it’s marvelous and you’re marvelous.

This song makes me think about a sunny day during that period between fall and winter when it’s REAL crisp outside but there’s no snow yet. Maybe it’s because I love this song and I love those kind of days.


Also how good is that video? To me, it perfectly captures the song. OH BABY I love me some good music!

Happy Halloween! And a happy birthday to me Dad! (Says the pirate version of me.)





I’m listening to all the songs I’ve snatched from Spotify and this is one of my favourites right now. It’s smooth and heavy and sultry and delicious:



For Crying and Cleaning


Tonight I want to share with you a few of my favourite songs (at this moment in time) because sharing is caring, people!

A couple of these majestic tunes I haven’t stopped listening to for a while now because to me, they are audio perfection for my quarter life crisis. Others I need in my life because they’re fun and I like fun things.

#1: For crying and generally loving JVM’s angelic voice which is the nectar of the gods:

#2: Also for crying and for pondering all of the complexities of life:

#3: For car-dancing and pretending to be way cooler than I am in real life:

#4: For cleaning. Always for cleaning:

What songs do you guys find yourselves listening to over and over again?

Drop a line in the comments to share 🙂