Flower Power


While a brilliant thunderstorm raged on outside tonight, I sipped my Iced Cap and doodled some doodles. I know it’s supposed to be pumpkin-spiced-everything-hot this season (yawn), but I will order my beloved ice-cold drinks until and throughout the dead of winter because I’m an adult, and I like cold drinks. In the winter.

I used blue ink and acrylic paint:



Now I must go BUT FIRST: I forgot I was supposed to explain how the name “Droob” came to be.  Basically:

*Drey, Friend Matt, and Friend Brock all sit together in high school psych class.*

Friend Matt in response to something I cannot recall:  “DROOOooooOOOB!”

The end.

It literally exploded out of thin air and became my new nickname.

Try back later for a more exciting story, a.k.a. -any- other story.

Toodles (because it rhymes with doodles),