Drawpestry the Second, and Barnslig the Ostrich


Continuing on with this new little obsession I have with wall-hanging yarn tapestries, I tried to be so clever as to be all meta about it and create a drawing OF a wall-hanging yarn tapestry, that you can hang. On your wall. DO YOU SEE!

(But really I just don’t know how to make them out of actual yarn so this is my compensatory alternative method of creating them.)

I’m still loving this grey sketch paper so I used that, pencil crayons, a Sharpie (always), and these skinny markers I found in an old pencil case that is no longer in use (RIP school supplies):


Speaking of obsessions, now seems like the perfect time to make my first list on this blog.  Therefore, here is a list of other things I am obsessed with at the moment:

  1. Truffles that are milk chocolate on the outside, white chocolate on the inside.
  2. Dogs. All kinds.
  3. The “Smooth Morning” playlist on Spotify.
  4. Sharpies.
  5. Mexican blankets.
  6. Baba ghanoush.
  7. Crisp fall air.
  8. My Roots sweatpants, worn daily.
  9. “Partition” by Beyonce.
  10. IMG_20141017_143912

Until next time,



Clover Stripes


Lately I’ve enjoyed doodling and line work, and bringing them together to make these weird psychedelic flowers.  There is something so satisfying about drawing your own lines and colouring them in.  I always did love colouring books when I was a tiny human.

I used Sharpie, pencil crayon, and thin-tipped markers:


In a couple of my last drawings I was using white paint to fill in some spots; until I found the glorious invention that is the white pencil crayon in one of my art bags from home.  So much simpler!

I hope everyone has a marvelous October day 🙂




If I had to choose one artistic medium as my favourite, my choice would be paint. I always found it unnaturally satisfying that it’s possible to create whatever colour I want by mixing together two or three or 12 other colours. Recall being a tiny human and realizing that blue paint mixed with yellow paint made green paint and you felt like an Enchanted Pigment Sorcerer.

And then you could add a little red and some brown and some purple and all of a sudden you created a muddy mess of something that resembles baby barf but it was so MAGICAL!

I’m impatient and like to start and finish one painting/project before starting another, so I use acrylic paint.  It dries fast and allows me to layer and correct without having to wait.  I’ve dabbled in oil paints (as in literally one painting ever) and I loved the way I could blend everything so smoothly, but hot damn it takes a long time to dry and seriously, ain’t nobody got time fo’ that. I’ll try it again at some point but right now acrylics are inexpensive (great for those of us who are in the crimson red of student debt), easy to use, and versatile.

Here are two paintings I have done recently using acrylics and Sharpie markers on canvas:



I love bright colours and geometric shapes, especially triangles. They’re pointy, they’re harsh, and they’re bad, ass.

Both of these paintings are quite large but I had so much fun with them so I’m thinking about turning this concept into a mini series including some smaller pieces. In which case I’ll surely need to purchase a million more Sharpies which means a trip to Staples which is basically heaven on Earth. Squee!

Until then,

Drey a.k.a. Droob (explanation to follow next time)

Cottage Bugs


After my internship was over, I spent a week at my boyfriend’s family cottage and was flipping through some insect reference handbooks I found lying around, which inspired me to draw for the first time in a long-ass time.  I chose two of the least terrifying species so I wouldn’t feel the creepy crawlies which each stippled dot.

I used pencil, pencil crayons, and a Sharpie marker on grey paper:


Monarch Butterfly


Dogbane Leaf Beetle

According to the handbook:

“Dogbane leaf beetles are one of the cutest species of beetles in Ontario.” -Indirect quote from unknown author of said book.

This beetle’s particularly shiny butt and hairy stems earn him a 75% chance of me ever agreeing to a quote that boasts his cuteness.

Bye for now,