A Bloody Mess


While decorating for the Halloween party my roomies and I are hosting this weekend, I scoured Pinterest for all the best, simplest DIYs to make our place look a bit less cozy and a bit more Adams family/Dexter’s kill room.

My first project: bloody candles.  Super easy and looks pretty bloody sick! (You knew I had to use bloody as a British adjective at some point during this post. Getting it over with nice and early. You’re welcome.)

Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Gather white and red candles, some paper towel or wax paper to protect your working surface, and a lighter. In my case, this means a straight up massive BBQ lighter because I am physically incapable of lighting a regular BIC lighter due to corroded thumb skin and minor burns in the past. I’m a really cool non-smoker you guys.

Behold, the Jesus candles I found at Dollarama:


Step 2: (Carefully) light the red candle and let drip all over the top and sides of the white candle, like so.


Step 3: YOU ARE ALREADY DONE. Check it out!


Now, when I bought the Jesus candles, I didn’t even think about the fact that they were lodged permanently into a glass capsule. I just dripped the wax on the glass anyways and still achieved the desired effect, so whatever. IT’S FINE!

I also made a bloody shower curtain, but I’m afraid to put it up until the party because it will scare me every time I have to pee up until that point. I’ll document that beast once it goes up!

Come back later for a decor update 🙂



My Halloween Costume: Maleficent Horns 101


SO. I’m being Maleficent for Halloween. Not the terrifying cartoon version, but the hauntingly lovely Angelina Jolie version because seriously, way better.  Those cheekbones?! WHAT.


Tonight, I started my costume by making Maleficent’s horns. Here’s how:

First, I gathered all of the toilet paper rolls I could find in the recycling bin and cut them into little circles:


Hot glue gun, toilet paper rolls (some with itty bits of toilet paper still attached, for good measure), scissors!

I started hot gluing the toilet paper roll rings together into a horn shape (while staring at the Maleficent poster to determine the shape), starting from the bottom and fitting each consecutive ring into the previous ring slightly to taper the shape.

Here’s the first horn:


This picture it all blue due to flash, and for SCARINESS!

Onto the next horn! Except I ran out of toilet paper rolls halfway through so I had to do this:


Roll removal- proceed with caution. Maybe punch something with your badass tissue mitten.

The hardest part of this whole thing was shaping the second horn to be a mirror image of the first horn.  But I think they turned out pretty decent:


Yay! Semi-symmetry!

Now for the fun part- ELECTRICAL TAPE!

I thought black electrical tape would be the best option because it’s stretchy and it looks leathery, like Angie’s horns. I started from the bottom (am I Drake?) and wrapped the entire horn with the tape, overlapping the layers for extra support:

IMG_20141020_223704 (1)

The fun part. Does anyone else love tape?

And voila! Here is the finished product:


BAM! A decent pair of horns. I left the bottoms exposed because I’ll need to cut them to fit the curve of my head when I attach them to the headpiece I have yet to make (stay tuned for that experiment). Not too shabby, eh?

The next chapters of this costume creation will be sewing the cape and neck piece, creating the headpiece/attaching the horns, and making the giant magical death staff that Maleficent carries around like a scary beautiful fairy of doom.

Updates will follow. I love Halloween!

Bye for now,





My name is Andrea (but YOU sir, can call me Drey) and I’d like to welcome you to my brand spankin’ new blog that I plan on using as a platform to document my creations and other things I like or find that intrigue me and and are related to the arts in some way.  This could include anything from painting and drawing, to music and fashion, to textiles and home decor- anything expressive, anything creative.

I’ve loved everything art since I was wee, copying my mom’s Disney cartoon characters in a giant notebook and colouring them horribly.  From 13 years of dance class, to art class all through high school, to learning how to play the guitar, to teaching children’s art classes at the local gallery, I’ve been immersed in the arts (on a small scale) for most of my life.  Then I went to university and frequent bouts of hyperventilation and naps took over and I reluctantly moved away from all of these things while I tried not to drown in lab reports and charts about the menstrual cycle (which I still haven’t memorized, and quite frankly never will).

Then I decided it would be a great idea to commit to even MORE university and drugs took over my life (drug knowledge, that is- pharmacy school) and art was placed on the back burner again as I snaked my way through another four years of breathing in and out of a brown paper bag. I also took this time to become a Pinterest Wizard and caffeine connoisseur.

Then suddenly, school was over, internship was over, licensing exams were over (and passed- thank Baby Jesus), and I entered September with 24 free hours a day and a joyous realization that no one expected me to be anywhere anytime soon, so I picked up my brushes and pencils again. I am also the proud new owner of an electronic Singer sewing machine which I plan on using to further my craftsmanship in the areas of quilting, clothing, and home decor creations.

I like making things. Sometimes these things don’t turn out like I hoped they would and sometimes they do. Either way, I hope you’ll join me as I chronicle my secret double life as Droob the Creator while I simultaneously try to make it in the pharmacy world.

Yours truly,