Flower Power


While a brilliant thunderstorm raged on outside tonight, I sipped my Iced Cap and doodled some doodles. I know it’s supposed to be pumpkin-spiced-everything-hot this season (yawn), but I will order my beloved ice-cold drinks until and throughout the dead of winter because I’m an adult, and I like cold drinks. In the winter.

I used blue ink and acrylic paint:



Now I must go BUT FIRST: I forgot I was supposed to explain how the name “Droob” came to be.  Basically:

*Drey, Friend Matt, and Friend Brock all sit together in high school psych class.*

Friend Matt in response to something I cannot recall:  “DROOOooooOOOB!”

The end.

It literally exploded out of thin air and became my new nickname.

Try back later for a more exciting story, a.k.a. -any- other story.

Toodles (because it rhymes with doodles),



For Crying and Cleaning


Tonight I want to share with you a few of my favourite songs (at this moment in time) because sharing is caring, people!

A couple of these majestic tunes I haven’t stopped listening to for a while now because to me, they are audio perfection for my quarter life crisis. Others I need in my life because they’re fun and I like fun things.

#1: For crying and generally loving JVM’s angelic voice which is the nectar of the gods:

#2: Also for crying and for pondering all of the complexities of life:

#3: For car-dancing and pretending to be way cooler than I am in real life:

#4: For cleaning. Always for cleaning:

What songs do you guys find yourselves listening to over and over again?

Drop a line in the comments to share 🙂




If I had to choose one artistic medium as my favourite, my choice would be paint. I always found it unnaturally satisfying that it’s possible to create whatever colour I want by mixing together two or three or 12 other colours. Recall being a tiny human and realizing that blue paint mixed with yellow paint made green paint and you felt like an Enchanted Pigment Sorcerer.

And then you could add a little red and some brown and some purple and all of a sudden you created a muddy mess of something that resembles baby barf but it was so MAGICAL!

I’m impatient and like to start and finish one painting/project before starting another, so I use acrylic paint.  It dries fast and allows me to layer and correct without having to wait.  I’ve dabbled in oil paints (as in literally one painting ever) and I loved the way I could blend everything so smoothly, but hot damn it takes a long time to dry and seriously, ain’t nobody got time fo’ that. I’ll try it again at some point but right now acrylics are inexpensive (great for those of us who are in the crimson red of student debt), easy to use, and versatile.

Here are two paintings I have done recently using acrylics and Sharpie markers on canvas:



I love bright colours and geometric shapes, especially triangles. They’re pointy, they’re harsh, and they’re bad, ass.

Both of these paintings are quite large but I had so much fun with them so I’m thinking about turning this concept into a mini series including some smaller pieces. In which case I’ll surely need to purchase a million more Sharpies which means a trip to Staples which is basically heaven on Earth. Squee!

Until then,

Drey a.k.a. Droob (explanation to follow next time)

Cottage Bugs


After my internship was over, I spent a week at my boyfriend’s family cottage and was flipping through some insect reference handbooks I found lying around, which inspired me to draw for the first time in a long-ass time.  I chose two of the least terrifying species so I wouldn’t feel the creepy crawlies which each stippled dot.

I used pencil, pencil crayons, and a Sharpie marker on grey paper:


Monarch Butterfly


Dogbane Leaf Beetle

According to the handbook:

“Dogbane leaf beetles are one of the cutest species of beetles in Ontario.” -Indirect quote from unknown author of said book.

This beetle’s particularly shiny butt and hairy stems earn him a 75% chance of me ever agreeing to a quote that boasts his cuteness.

Bye for now,





My name is Andrea (but YOU sir, can call me Drey) and I’d like to welcome you to my brand spankin’ new blog that I plan on using as a platform to document my creations and other things I like or find that intrigue me and and are related to the arts in some way.  This could include anything from painting and drawing, to music and fashion, to textiles and home decor- anything expressive, anything creative.

I’ve loved everything art since I was wee, copying my mom’s Disney cartoon characters in a giant notebook and colouring them horribly.  From 13 years of dance class, to art class all through high school, to learning how to play the guitar, to teaching children’s art classes at the local gallery, I’ve been immersed in the arts (on a small scale) for most of my life.  Then I went to university and frequent bouts of hyperventilation and naps took over and I reluctantly moved away from all of these things while I tried not to drown in lab reports and charts about the menstrual cycle (which I still haven’t memorized, and quite frankly never will).

Then I decided it would be a great idea to commit to even MORE university and drugs took over my life (drug knowledge, that is- pharmacy school) and art was placed on the back burner again as I snaked my way through another four years of breathing in and out of a brown paper bag. I also took this time to become a Pinterest Wizard and caffeine connoisseur.

Then suddenly, school was over, internship was over, licensing exams were over (and passed- thank Baby Jesus), and I entered September with 24 free hours a day and a joyous realization that no one expected me to be anywhere anytime soon, so I picked up my brushes and pencils again. I am also the proud new owner of an electronic Singer sewing machine which I plan on using to further my craftsmanship in the areas of quilting, clothing, and home decor creations.

I like making things. Sometimes these things don’t turn out like I hoped they would and sometimes they do. Either way, I hope you’ll join me as I chronicle my secret double life as Droob the Creator while I simultaneously try to make it in the pharmacy world.

Yours truly,