Drawpestry the Second, and Barnslig the Ostrich


Continuing on with this new little obsession I have with wall-hanging yarn tapestries, I tried to be so clever as to be all meta about it and create a drawing OF a wall-hanging yarn tapestry, that you can hang. On your wall. DO YOU SEE!

(But really I just don’t know how to make them out of actual yarn so this is my compensatory alternative method of creating them.)

I’m still loving this grey sketch paper so I used that, pencil crayons, a Sharpie (always), and these skinny markers I found in an old pencil case that is no longer in use (RIP school supplies):


Speaking of obsessions, now seems like the perfect time to make my first list on this blog.  Therefore, here is a list of other things I am obsessed with at the moment:

  1. Truffles that are milk chocolate on the outside, white chocolate on the inside.
  2. Dogs. All kinds.
  3. The “Smooth Morning” playlist on Spotify.
  4. Sharpies.
  5. Mexican blankets.
  6. Baba ghanoush.
  7. Crisp fall air.
  8. My Roots sweatpants, worn daily.
  9. “Partition” by Beyonce.
  10. IMG_20141017_143912

Until next time,